Most of our clients have a requirement for either retail or trade advertising, or both! Fortunately we understand the difference which allows us to produce strong advertising that makes our clients (and their customers) happy.



The protein supplement market is huge the world over. Our client, already established in the sector saw a gap in the market for a woman only range aimed at women who haven’t as yet succumbed to a high fitness and conditioning regime and are often scared of taking supplements due to the misguided myth of talking like Barry White and growing a beard. Our task was to visually capture this market, first with one product and if successful a whole range. The range is growing, another success then.

The Icon Consultancy Advertising

The ICON Consultancy distribute both high end salon only brands and an ever increasing range of own brand ranges throughout the UK. Advertising mainly in trade magazines their advertising needs to reflect not only their brands ethos but also their own. A proposed difficulty with advertising their brands is that they originate for all corners of the globe bringing with them a style, awareness and attitude specific to the country of origin. We have worked with ICON for nearly twenty years and this has enabled us to build a great deal of knowledge and experience in the hair and beauty sector which allows us to understand and successfully deliver their brands to the UK market time and time again.

Slater Hayes Financial Services

Slater Hayes Financial Services are an established Financial Services company that called on our services to help them with a project new to their industry that could see them lead the way and become market leaders. How would they get their proposal across to their potential marketplace in a new, unique and clever way that would represent them and their thinking? Our creative thinking fitted the bill perfectly and before they new it we were in their offices talking about fingers, lights at the end of tunnels and golden eggs and producing work that they couldn’t wait to release in to the marketplace. Their phones and appointment books have been red hot ever since.

Luminii Risk Management

Luminii Risk Management required a brand creating that would show their professionalism, and forward thinking in a competitive marketplace. The obligatory handshake was banned. Our creative thinking was perfect for this project and the result has given the fledgling company an identity they are proud of and one that has over achieved their expectations. Our next project? to produce a very big diary so they can cope with all the appointments, leads and contacts they are making.